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Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 02 May 2022

Participative, Mind-Blowing Deadly Plot Games in Winnipeg

We present an extensive assortment of breathtaking crime-solving games that you can run at your backyard social get together or a corporate team-building event in Winnipeg.

Enjoy a Canadian murder mystery party in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Click a game image below to order your game.

Step 2: Ask a friend to host or click the "Hire a Murder Mystery Host" button above.

Step 3: Have a killer good time!

Our Murder Mystery Party and Dinner Games

Download Only - Adult murder mystery games

Teenager murder mystery games

Mini F.A.Q.

Click here to view our full F.A.Q.

    • How much does a murder mystery game cost? Click the images above of each game to see prices.
    • How many guests can I have? Each game is suitable for 4 to 8, 2 to 15, 2 to 60 or 2 to 120 people.
    • Do we need a Canadian party host? It is your choice. You receive a game from us then present it yourself or hire a Canadian murder mystery host.
    • Are you available on...? Click hire a murder mystery host. Contact hosts directly to check their availability.
    • Does everyone get a roll/character? Sure do. Each guest gets a personalised name badge and character.
    • What do I get in the download game? Our murder mystery games contain between 100 and 300 items to ensure your party is amazing.
    • Can I ask more questions? Yes please. Click the "Contact Us" button above.

Interactive and Professional Murder Mystery Games in Winnipeg

Each of your guests can play a specific character while everyone searches for clues to thoroughly understand the diverse pieces of evidence that uncover the murderer. This is one heck of a game that will leave your guests in fits of laughter before they bid you goodbye. These murder mystery games are a powerful and engaging means to entertain your family and friends with easy-to-follow instructions.

We aim to bring all the thrills and excitement of the murder mystery dinner party to your living room or workplace at economical prices in Winnipeg. Whether you have invited some of your best college mates over or it is a corporate event, these murder mystery party games are well-suited for people of all age groups.

Crime-solving games are great fun as they are a fantastic way to bring together your family, friends, and even business partners. Perhaps, the most amazing part is the role played by each individual to solve the big mystery. While hosting a murder mystery party is quite straightforward, it does involve some back-end preparation, and our games will help you every step of the way. Purchasing the right party murder crime game kit means you’ll have all the tools and knowledge to throw a remarkable dinner.

You cannot dial 9-1-1..

In as much as Winnipeg was the first city in North America to use 9-1-1 (then 9-9-9), here you cannot dial any emergency line! You cannot leave the room! Figure out who committed the "crime." It's all up to you and your friends-in-costumes to solve the mystery.

What is included in the murder mystery game?

We will provide you with everything you need to play the game- invitations, host guide, characters & evidence at the least. Ours will add a whole new dimension to the game experience.

Where in Winnipeg can we hold a murder mystery party?

Where you hold the murder mystery party sets the stage for the party. Often a few minor alterations in your home can add some simple ambiance to help get your guests in the mood. If yours is a large group, you can check out local venues that are spacious and have access to important facilities like the washrooms, dining area, parking etc.

The extra spice in a murder mystery Winnipeg party?

Props, decorations and music! A bit of decorating goes a long way at a murder mystery party. Make sure to gather a few props and decorations that will set the appropriate mood for your guests.Some of our games will come with background music or sound effects that can be played at specific moments in the game.

Do you have hosts in Winnipeg?

Yes we do! Please click on 'Hire a murder mystery host' above.

Do you have any free murder mystery games?

Yes we do! Contact Us on how to get y/our team a free game!

What does it cost to have a murder mystery party in Winnipeg?

To start you will need to get a murder mystery game and they cost between $71CAD and $490CAD. Next you need a host or you or a friend can run the party. A host will cost between $200CAD and $500CAD depending on factors like the size of your group. Your murder mystery party can cost as low as $2.00CAD per person including hosting.

Have Any queries or doubts?

Talk to our professionals in Winnipeg right away by clicking "Contact Us" above!

Participative, Amazing Dangerous Plot Games in Winnipeg

We present a broad arrangement of amazing wrongdoing tackling games that you can run at your lawn social party or a corporate group building occasion in Winnipeg.

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