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Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 06 May 2022

Murder Mystery parties are a great way of getting a huge dosage of fun in a single event. They are organised in different places throughout Canada and serve as addictive entertainment because of their mysterious and detective nature. Say that you are interested in organising or going to a murder mystery party but where would be the best place to organise one? We can say that without hesitation that “Edmonton” would be a great place for a murder mystery party.

Enjoy a Canadian murder mystery party in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Click a game image below to order your game.

Step 2: Ask a friend to host or click the "Hire a Murder Mystery Host" button above.

Step 3: Have a killer good time!

Our Murder Mystery Party and Dinner Games

Download Only - Adult murder mystery games

Teenager murder mystery games

Mini F.A.Q.

Click here to view our full F.A.Q.

    • How much does a murder mystery game cost? Click the images above of each game to see prices.
    • How many guests can I have? Each game is suitable for 4 to 8, 2 to 15, 2 to 60 or 2 to 120 people.
    • Do we need a Canadian party host? It is your choice. You receive a game from us then present it yourself or hire a Canadian murder mystery host.
    • Are you available on...? Click hire a murder mystery host. Contact hosts directly to check their availability.
    • Does everyone get a roll/character? Sure do. Each guest gets a personalised name badge and character.
    • What do I get in the download game? Our murder mystery games contain between 100 and 300 items to ensure your party is amazing.
    • Can I ask more questions? Yes please. Click the "Contact Us" button above.

Why Murder Mystery Parties are a great Idea in Edmonton?

Edmonton is the great city of Canadian Province in Alberta and a great place for events like that because of its fantastic venues and rich talent. People are energetic, inspired, and diverse in Edmonton which certainly makes it a place where the fun actually begins! The city is filled with history and has a wide range of old historical buildings that provide an excellent environment for a murder mystery.

Edmonton is set in a place of astonishing views, with delicious food and lots of party spots. All of these are the pillars for a great murder mystery party. The charm of Edmonton goes way back to the time when early inhabitants built such an awesome city. This makes the city a giant place of hilarious activities, opportunities, and entertainment. Venues include great monuments, towers and huge halls giving a genuine place for fun. Team building events, birthdays and anniversaries are always running at full capacity and offer a great excuse to play a murder mystery game.

Edmonton makes a great location for your private or corporate event. To finish of your planning you need a murder mystery game. We organise mystery parties right here in Canada. Our themes include friendly and family entertainment as well as themes that are a little on the wild side.

What should you expect in a murder mystery party Edmonton?

Before the party, the host will send you your character background. Your character background will enable you to prepare in advance. Please do not share this information with anyone. You can only give some basic info like your name.

Stick to the rules - we cannot stress this enough. This will ensure the success and smooth flow of the game!

You need to talk to other guests to find out who can help you and who may hinder you. Do not be afraid to blackmail or eavesdrop!

Enjoy the whimsy, and have fun!

Tried and tested

We have been supplying murder mystery games, both downloadable and boxed for 30 years. You do not last that long unless you are the best. Our games have all been played hundreds of times and we test and get feedback so that you know you are getting the best game that works every time. Check out the amazing feedback from our clients on each game above.

What we promise to give you.

Nothing but pure awesomeness! Our boxed and download mystery games have amazing plots and interesting characters - some are serious, some are silly and others are downright rude! You'll receive a complete guide on how to host THE party with as many friends as you desire and instructions on how to solve the crime! We will walk with you through the entire process of planning your party from start to finish.

How to choose a theme that your guests will enjoy.

Start by listing your ideas then think about what books, movies or TV shows your guests are interested in. Look at your list of interests and identify some commonalities between guests. This will guide you on what to purchase from our link above.

Murder and a Fundraiser?

Yes! Be tactful though - let your benefactors have a killer time! Do not make funds the main part of the event. Hosting this party at a charitable event will allow your guests to be immersed in an evening of murder, blackmail and back stabbing. Funds can be raised from the ticket price.

How long should a murder mystery party last?

For as long as you wish.If you do not solve the murder, but still had a great time, then the night will obviously be a success.

Do I need a Host for the Murder Mystery Party and do you have murder mystery hosts in Edmonton?

No you don’t but if you don't fancy the idea of hosting and looking after the nitty gritties of your own murder mystery party, you can always pay someone else to do it for you. Click on 'Hire A Murder Mystery Host' above.

Murder Secret gatherings are an incredible approach to getting a colossal measurements of fun in a solitary occasion. They are coordinated in better places all through Canada and act as habit-forming amusement on account of their puzzling and investigator nature. Say that you are keen on getting sorted out or attending a murder mystery party however where might be the best place to arrange one? We can express that decisively that "Edmonton" would be an incredible spot for a murder mystery party.

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